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 AB-H7016L H.264 Network Standalone DVR

Name:AB-H7016L H.264 Standalone SuperDVR
(1)Video Input(s):4 channels composite video
(2)Compression arithmetic:H.264
(3)Recording Rate :100 fps (PAL)/120fps(NTSC)
(4)Network:10/100 Base-TX Ethernet (RJ-45)
(5)InterFace: USB2.0,Network,Mouse Support,)

 AB-H8016AL H.264 Standalone DVR

Name:AB-H8016AL H.264 Standalone DVR
(1) Video Input(s):16 channels composite video,looping(optional)
(2) Audio Input(s):16 channel audio input BNC
(3) Compression arithmetic:video :H.264;audio:ADPCM
(4) Recording Rate:CIF: PAL 400FPS/NTSC 480FPS D1: PAL 96FPS/NTSC 112FPS
(5) Display Rate:CIF:480 fps (NTSC)/400 fps (PAL),
(6) Video Resolution:NTSC:D1(704*480 ),CIF(352*288);PAL:D1(704*576),CIF (352*288)

GV1480(V8.2) DVR Card

GUARANTEED (Stable without errors)
- 16CH Real Time Monitoring/Recording
- 16CH Camera 480 Frame/sec,Real Time Capture Board
- Recording Rate At 320* 240 Resolution: 480 fps (NTSC), 400 fps (PAL)
- Resolution :Full D1, Half D1, CIF
- Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Server 2003 / Windows Vista
- NTSC, PAL Support


 AB-GV800 DVR Card

GUARANTEED (Stable without errors)
- 16CH High-speed Monitoring
- Recording Rate At 320*240 Resolution: 120 fps / 100 fps (NTSC / PAL)
- Display Rate: 120 fps / 100 fps (NTSC / PAL)
- Resolution :640x480,320x240,160x120
- Windows 98 / 2000Pro / XP Pro
- NTSC, PAL Support

 AB-H8016C H.264 DVR Card

Name:AB-H8016C H.264 Video Capture Card
(1)Chipset:Adopt powerful DSP DM645 from TI.
(2)Video Input(s):16 channels
(3)Compression Mode:H.264/G.729 compression standard
(4)Recording Rate :30 fps per channel; total 480 fps
(5)Audio Input(s):16 channels
(6)Video Record Resolution:352x240 (NTSC), 352x288 (PAL)

 MJEPG Standalone DVR Name:AB-M3616AL MJEPG Standalone DVR
(1) Operating System: Embedded RTOS;
(2) Network interface :10/100M Base-T, Ethernet interface, Browse via IE
(3) Video Input:16 channels;
(4) Display Speed: NTSC: 4800 fields/s(16x30fps); PAL: 400 fields/s(16x25fps);
(5) Compression form: Modified MJPEG
(6) Resolution recording: NTSC:640x224(each channel) 640x272(quad total)

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