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ӧߧާߧ DVR
DVR ݧѧܧ
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ߧѧܧ  ߧѧ-էҧڧ ڧ٧ӧէڧ֧ ߧ ӧڧէ֧ߧѧҧݧէ֧ߧڧ  ڧѧ

H.264 Software Compression Card: AB-S9808

AB-S9808  DVR cards


Key Features:
(1) Camera input: 8 channels
(2) Audio input: 1 channel audio input through sound card with microphone
(3) Image quality: 9-bits ADCs super high quality
(4) Image compression: H.264 optimized (high recording definition, especially when there is intense movement)
(5) Video total frame rate: 200 fps in PAL, 240 fps in NTSC
(6) Display resolution: 640 X 480, 352 X 288, 320 X 240
(7) Recording resolution: 640 X 480, 352 X 288, 320 X 240
(8) Compression ratio: 8-150M/H/C
(9) Network protocol: TCP/ UDP
(10) Operating System: Windows2000 / XP

AB-S9808 DVR cards

Basic Functions

(1) 4 channel real time monitoring.
(2) Each channel Image color can be adjusted independently by software.
(3) Support insert 2-4 cards in the same PC at most, form 16-32 channel real time monitoring, and can also support mix inserting S9404 & S9808, to form 12 channel monitoring
(4)Multi screen monitoring, 1,4,9,16,25, 36 split Screen available, support rotate display
(5) Support multi-hard disks cycle recording
(6) Recording both flow trends yard and fix yard are available
(7) Intelligent searching for historical DVR files, up to 16 screen playback
(8) Multi-user's authority management setup, support to set up user's operating authority
(9) Support motion detection touch off the video recording, sending E-mail (monitoring pictures in the enclosure), sending alarm by phone, and by sound.
(10) Setting up motion detection area discretionarily, the sensitivity is adjustable
(11) Through IE realize such perfect network management functions as remote spot monitoring, remote historical playback, remote spot video recording, remote historical video recording, etc
(12) Support Intranet IP to remote monitoring
(13) Support one IE remote monitors several DVR of different IP.
(14) Support one IE remote monitoring several different DVR within the same IP.
(15) Support the watermark of the characters and time, the particular format of video files prevent being edited, the security is high.
(16) The video file supports electron enlarge, taking pictures and instant print and exe format back up.
(17) Support local and remote PTZ control

(1) High speed network transmission
(2) High Image quality
(3) Easy to installation and use GUI (Graphical User Interface)
(4) Free Software upgradeable

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