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DVR Boards -- AnyKeeper WDT-2016

Korea(Anykeeper) WDT-2016

Anykeeper 2016

Various camera inputs, sensors and alarms are combined to smart event organizer for administrator's needs.
AnyKeeper 2016 offers 16 channels of camera inputs and 120 frames of live display/recording. For the combination.
This product provides customer needs that are cost effective higher camera inputs and low concerned live video/ recording linked alarms/sensors.

Camera Input: 16 CH
Display (NTSC/PAL): 120 / 100 fps
Recording (NTSC/PAL): 120 / 100 fps
Digital Quad: 1,4,7,9,13,16
Audio Input: 4 CH
TV Out Port : 1 CH

OS: Win 98, NT2000, XP
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 80 GB ( Recommended )

Cost effective high speed performance (120 FPS high display and 120 FPS record)
High image compression based on H.263 Algorithm
Real time display with multi-screen views
User friendly GUI
Highly integrated centralized control system
Remote viewing of live or recorded image, and PTZ control
Digital duplex operation with 1,4,7,9,13,16 Channel
Watch-dog for self checking & recovery
4 Channels Audio recording and Two ?way Audio communication

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